Imax Victoria Classic Movies Campaign King Kong Poster Imax Victoria Classic Movies Campaign Jaws Poster Imax Victoria Classic Movies Campaign Alien Poster

Imax Ad Campaign

These were posters and print ads for the Imax Victoria Theatre. The basic concept of the campaign was to use references to classic cinema to eggagerate the massive scale of the Imax experience.

The campaign began by referencing King Kong to exaggerate the scale of the theatre without infringing on any of the copyrights of the film or characters. I drew a font to match the title card from the film and used a licensed render of a 3D model of the Empire State Building prior to the addition of the top spire, keeping it accurate to the 1933 time-period of the film's release. The supporting font was also researched out and selected because it was designed prior to 1933.

The second one is based on the title card from Jaws which subverts a famous line of dialogue from the film and again approximates the backgrounds and fonts of the film's actual title card without infringing on copyrights. The classic title sequence takes the audience through a shark's eye view of the ocean floor.

The third one in the series is based on the title card from Alien. This one subverts the tagline from the film's marketing campaign and approximates the planetary background of the film's title card.

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